This year, under the aspect ZEITZONEN, the University of Applied Arts in Vienna is beginning a new series of events called DESIGN06. Experts discuss burning questions on the theme of time and design. In conversation modules of 50 minutes duration dynamics and speed are factors of considerable significance.

DESIGN06 is intended to contribute to an intensification of the design discourse and to this end chooses an approach that offers both a scientific and practical starting point as well as broader social relevance. Experts from the areas of studio work, education, development/production/technology, collecting/communicating/exhibiting, design theory, business, academia and media will encounter each other.

The goal of ZEITZONEN is to locate and examine the phenomena of different speeds – that exist parallel and often run in opposite directions – in the context of design and society.
What effects do multiple speeds have on the creative and work processes in the field of design? What will be the time concepts of the future in education, research, in professional life and in collaboration? What must the design museum of the present offer to be both sufficiently critical for a specialist public and yet popular enough for a broad cross-section of the public? Is the era of the lone battler over, does the future belong to teams and teamwork? How is the design market and design developing as an investment for private collectors? And: two designers with impressive careers ask themselves and each other the question: if I had to start all over again today…?

These and other questions will be discussed within the framework of the conference and should lead to exciting debates on design.

Take some time for yourself, we're looking forward to your visit!

Tulga Beyerle, Thomas Geisler, Lilli Hollein
Gerald Bast