Volker Albus (D)
Paola Antonelli (USA)
Thomas Bene (A)
Fréderic Beuvry (F)
Max Borka (B)
Torsten Bröhan (D)
Alison Clarke (UK/A)
Erica Clark (USA)
Gerti Draxler (A)
Christian Gärnter (D)
Kostantin Grcic (D)
Harald Gründl (A)
Guta Moura Guedes (P)
Gerhard Heufler (A)
Didier Krzentowski (F)
Joris Laarman (NL)
Herbert Lachmayer (A)
Hans Maier-Aichen (D)
Peter Noever (A)
Paolo Piva (I/A)
Leonid Rath (A)
Julian Riess (A)
August Ruhs (A)
Kerstin Scheuch (MEX)
Petra Schmidt (D)
Jerszy Seymour (D)
Robert Stadler (F)
Pierre Staudenmeyer (F)
Robert Thiemann (NL)
Patricia Urquiola (I)
Christian Witt-Dörring (A)

Joris Laarman  
Designer, Rotterdam (NL)
Joris Laarman (*1979) studied design at the Design Academy Eindhoven. In 2003 he attracted international attention with his diploma work, the Rococo radiator "Heatwave". In the same year he set up the independent Joris Laarman Laboratory. His architectural interventions and his work as a product designer are marked by his convincing combination of poetry and technology. Joris Laarman's work ranges from limited editions to serially produced products. He regularly exhibits his work throughout Europe (including Ideal House at the IMM Cologne 2006), and teaches at the AA in London as well as at the Design Academy in Eindhoven.

In dialogues with:  
Volker Albus
Jerszy Seymour
Guta Moura Guedes

Time schedule:  
MO 09.10., 13.30 -14.20 h
Studio A (english)
Speed dating

MO 09.10., 02:30-03:20 pm
Studio B (english)
Children of their time

MO 09.10., 05:30-07:00 pm
Discussion panel with Q&A

MO 10.10., 05:30-07:00 pm

Discussion panel with Q&A