Volker Albus (D)
Paola Antonelli (USA)
Thomas Bene (A)
Fréderic Beuvry (F)
Max Borka (B)
Torsten Bröhan (D)
François Burkhardt (D)
Alison Clarke (UK/A)
Erica Clark (USA)
Gerti Draxler (A)
Christian Gärnter (D)
Kostantin Grcic (D)
Harald Gründl (A)
Guta Moura Guedes (P)
Gerhard Heufler (A)
Didier Krzentowski (F)
Joris Laarman (NL)
Herbert Lachmayer (A)
Hans Maier-Aichen (D)
Peter Noever (A)
Paolo Piva (I/A)
Fiona Raby (UK)
Leonid Rath (A)
Julian Riess (A)
August Ruhs (A)
Kerstin Scheuch (MEX)
Petra Schmidt (D)
Jerszy Seymour (D)
Robert Stadler (F)
Pierre Staudenmeyer (F)
Robert Thiemann (NL)
Patricia Urquiola (I)
Christian Witt-Dörring (A)

Pierre Staudenmeyer  
Galerie Mouvements Modernes, Paris (F)
Pierre Staudenmeyer (*1952) studied economics, statistics and psychoanalysis, he developed mathematical models for marketing and worked as a project manager in the field of research before, after a sabbatical, he moved to the antique and design market in 1981. He ran Galerie Neotu, a gallery specialising in contemporary design, in Paris and New York. Since 2001 he has been running Galerie Mouvements Modernes in Paris and also curates exhibitions that cover the exciting area extending between design icons of the post-war period and current positions. His books French Pottery of the 50s and Roger Capron, céramiste, (both Editions Norma), are now regarded as standard reference works. Under his direction Editions Dis Voir has published monographs on Ron Arad, Andrea Branzi, Garouste & Bonetti, Jasper Morrison, Pierre Paulin, among others.

In dialogues with:  
Paola Antonelli
Torsten Bröhan
Konstantin Grcic

Time schedule:  
MO 09.10., 05:30-07:00 pm
Discussion panel with Q&A

TU 10.10., 10:30-11:20 am
Studio B (english)
From Greenwich to Timesquare

TU 10.10., 04:30-07:20 pm
Studio C (english)
The great passion

TU 10.10., 05:30-07:00 pm
Discussion panel with Q&A